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Edco Technologies Inc. has been successfully manufacturing and marketing the Ectoflex 646™ products for over 25 years. Edco is a proactive, detailed orientated company that prides itself on its commitment to customer service. Ectoflex 646™ is a flexible cementitious waterproof/ protective coating.

Edco Technologies Inc. was founded in 1992 and developed as an anti-carbonization coating for concrete structures. Developed in Europe in the late 1980’s Ectoflex 646™ is considered to be a superior polymer modified coating. Ecdo Technologies Inc. was a subsidiary of Permaquik Corporation (formerly co-owned by Rolf Brockman and Harry Prout). In November 2006 Permaquik Corporation was sold to Tremco Ltd. Edco Technologies Inc. continues to be a leader in the waterproofing and concrete protection industry.

Edco Technologies Inc. was selected and used for the Confederation Causeway between P.E.I and New Brunswick, Canada. Ectoflex 646™ was applied at the water line on all piers of the bridge for its excellent barrier to chlorides and to accommodate concrete cover deficiencies, thus providing protection against the elements. Ectoflex 646™ was also used on the Tappen Zee Bridge over the Hudson River, New York State, also the Port Man Bridge, Coquitlam BC  and the Regina ByPass, Regina Saskatchewan.

Ectoflex 646™ products are a two (2) component, ready to use, flexible crack bridging, polymer–modified cementitious coating. It provides protection of concrete mortar and masonry services. Ectoflex 646™ is an excellent barrier to chlorides. Independent testing confirms the use of 1mm of Ectoflex is considered the equivalent of 10mm of concrete cover. NSF approval for Ectoflex 646™ for potable water can be acquired. LEED points are applicable and it is VOC compliant.

” The use of 1mm of Ectoflex 646™ is considered the equivalent of 10mm of concrete cover. ”  

Ectoflex 646™ was used on the Confederation Bridge, PEI NS